Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Khushairi Aizad Bin Jamalludin. My nickname would be Khushairi @ Ejard @ Aizad. Originally from Lembah Keramat, Kuala Lumpur. This website tells the background of my involvement in the leadership I am currently leading. 

I am pursuing a Master's degree at University of Kuala Lumpur and also plan to continue at the Doctor of Philosophy level in management. The purpose of this website built is for me to share knowledge and experience throughout my involvement in the leadership of organizations. Continue to support and follow my progress on Khushairi Aizad Jamalludin’s official social media channel.


Khushairi Aizad Bin Jamalludin was born on 3rd December 1993, Friday, at 7.01 am at the Dr Suhaimi Treatment Center, Kuala Lumpur. Khushairi Aizad grew up in the area of AU3 Taman Sepakat and AU5D Lembah Keramat. Khushairi Aizad is the first child of 4 siblings. Khushairi Aizad was very interested in football since he was a child when he was 7 years old (2000) and aspired to wear the sacred red and yellow jersey (Selangor).

In 2013, Khushairi Aizad's ambitions were achieved when he was selected to represent the Selangor State team in the 73rd edition of the Kings Gold Cup Football Tournament. Khushairi Aizad wore jersey number 19 which is his favorite number. Next in the year of 2014, Khushairi Aizad will be able to represent the Selangor team in the Under-21 President's Cup and the Malaysian Games (SUKMA).

After finishing his career as a football player, Khushari Aizad has led football clubs, namely AU5’D Lembah Keramat Football Club and Setiawangsa Rangers Football Club.

Image source: Graduation Year 2016





Pertandingan bola sepak wanita dijenamakan sebagai KL Women's Football Championship menjadi perintis liga bola sepak Malaysia untuk golongan wanita.


AU5’D Lembah Keramat Football Club was officially established on 12th March 2013.
This Football Club is registered under the Malaysian Sports Commissioner with registration number 6070/2013.


Setiawangsa Rangers Football Club was established on 8th August 2018.
This Football Club is registered under the Malaysian Sports Commissioner with registration number 9570/2018.


"I have an unfulfilled dream that is to have the best football field facilities. Football is my favorite sport since I was a child. Representing the school team until the state team provided a meaningful experience in my life. Hopefully my dream will come true one day."


“I have a dream of wanting to go abroad to study and see the culture of professional football at Queen Park Rangers. The establishment of the Setiawangsa Rangers Football Club took inspiration from the Queen Park Rangers team. I will continue to work and hope that this dream becomes the reality one day. "


“In the pre-season of the FAM Cup in 2015, AirAsia Allstar FC held a friendly match against the PDRM FC team that played in the Malaysian Super League. Khushairi Aizad is listed in the starting lineup in the team. At that time, YBhg Tan Sri Tony Fernandez was present to watch the AirAsia team match for the first time.

After the match, YBhg Tan Sri announced Khushairi Aizad as the Best Player of the Match and gave away two (2) flight tickets to wherever he wanted to go. A very unforgettable memory throughout his years playing football. ”



Khushairi Aizad has been the President of the Football Club since he was 23 years old. Founded a football academy in the AU5D Lembah Keramat area in 2013. Next, in 2018 established another football club in the Setiawangsa area. Khushairi Aizad drafted program and activity plans for both football clubs. Many football programs at the grassroots level have been implemented since 2013 until now.


Khushairi Aizad sebagai pengerusi.


Khushairi Aizad sebagai pengurus stadium.


Khushairi Aizad studied football club management starting in 2013 when he registered a club named as AU5’D Lembah Keramat Football Club. In 2018, Khushairi Aizad registered another club, the Setiawangsa Rangers Football Club. Both clubs are active in the football program to date. Khushairi Aizad became the manager of the Setiawangsa Rangers under 16 team and won the AirAsia KL Junior U16 League. In addition, he manages training schedules and matches for all categories for these two football clubs.


Khushairi Aizad started his career as a football player at the age of 20. He represented the Selangor State team in the 73rd edition of the Kings Gold Cup Football Championship in 2013. In 2014, Khushairi Aizad was selected to represent the Selangor under-21 team in the President's Cup and Sports Malaysia (SUKMA) In 2015, representing the AirAsia team AllStar FC in the FAM Cup competition. And the other teams are Selangor PKNS and Emkay-NPNG in the Selangor Super League competition.


Started as a volunteer coach at the age of 18 after graduating from school and became an assistant coach at the beginning of the establishment of the AU5D Lembah Keramat Football Academy. After terminating his contract with the AirAsia team, Khushairi Aizad joined a preliminary coaching course (License D) in 2016 and leads the Football Academy in the AU5D Lembah Keramat area to date. In 2019, he became a coach for the Tunas Mentari Setiawangsa Rangers program which involved children in the PPR Kg Baru Air Panas area, Setapak. Khushairi Aizad also teaches for the Women's football category.


Khushairi Aizad was appointed as the Technical Director for programs in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports such as the 9 -a -side Sports League Football Championship For All (LiSUS) (2016 & 2018), Fit Malaysia @ Community (2016, 2018 & 2019), National Sports Day level Gombak District (2015-2018), National Sports Month at the Setiawangsa Parliamentary level (2019). And Khushairi Aizad has been nominated in the Selangor State National Youth Premier Award in 2018 and 2019.


Khushairi Aizad was appointed as the Kuala Lumpur Under-14 Team Coordinator for the KPM Cup in 2020. In 2021, he became the Kuala Lumpur Under-19 Team Coordinator for the Youth Cup. Khushairi Aizad manages football training virtually using google meet throughout the Movement Control Order (MCO). The experience of managing teams at the state level such as training, matches and meetings provides quite a meaningful experience.


Khushairi Aizad sebagai penganjur.


Khushairi Aizad, as President, was interviewed on Radio Zayan with Mr Hadhari - or better known as Ustaz Bola in the Zayan Fit Segment to promote the club and the “Setiawangsa Virtual Juggling Challenge” program.



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